What is an NICEIC Approved Installer?

When it comes to electrical work, there are a lot of potential dangers associated- so it is important you hire someone who knows exactly what they are doing. To make this easier for customers, there are NICEIC approved electricians! However, what does this actually mean? And what are the benefits?

NICEIC Approved Electricians

What does NICEIC include?

The NICEIC-approved scheme covers a wide range of electricians, including:

  • electricians working on commercial and industrial installations
  • electricians working on domestic installations
  • electrical installation condition reporting (testing, inspection, PIRs)
  • street lighting installers
  • security systems installers

The scheme covers such a broad range to ensure that you will always be safe, no matter what type of work you need to carry out.

What are the benefits of hiring an NICEIC approved electrician?


All NICEIC approved electricians have their skills checked regularly, to ensure they still meet the high standards that are required. This means that once registered, electricians still have to work hard to maintain a high level of skill, which is vital in electrical work.

Compliant with all necessary regulations 

NICEIC approved electricians have to work closely with the Building Regulations Schemes, to ensure they always carry out a satisfactory job. They have to meet all of the necessary guidelines for each specific job, ensuring you get a safe and satisfactory piece of work.

Excellent complaints process

Because of the above reasons, it is unlikely for you to be unhappy with the quality of work carried out by an NICEIC approved electrician. However, it is impossible to say that problems will never occur. If this is the case, and you are unhappy with the standard of work that you have received, it is quick and easy to report this to the NICEIC. They will professionally sort out the problem and ensure any incorrect work is rectified quickly.

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