Signs Your Home is Due a Rewire

Getting your home rewired may seem like a very big step, but it can be vital to keep you and your family safe. During a rewire, we replace your faulty system with a brand new one, making sure everything is running as it should. It is important to know the key signs that suggest you need a rewire, so you know how to keep your home as safe as possible.

when you need a rewire

When do I need to rewire my home? 

It can be hard to know when you need to rewire your home, as there are no definite rules to follow. For example, just because the wiring in your home is old- doesn't mean it is unsafe. As your home ages, it is a good idea to get your wiring checked out every ten years. This is the best way to check for any wear and tear that may have built up in the previous decade. Our electricians will then be able to tell you whether further action is needed or not.

If your property hasn't had new wiring in over thirty years, it is likely that it will need updating. You may not need to completely rewire your home, but some parts will need replacing. This is for your own safety and to keep up with current regulations. It is also a good idea to get the wiring checked out if you are thinking of buying an older property. If our team say a rewire is needed, this will be another cost for you to consider before buying- rather than finding out afterwards.

If the wiring in your home regularly trips, this is a key sign you need to get things looked at. Faults can be caused by a range of things and it may be as simple as unplugging some outlets or changing a faulty bulb- however, it can also be caused by something more serious. We suggest getting your wiring checked out and leaving it up to our team of highly qualified electricians. 

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