Inside The Consumer Unit

Your consumer unit, sometimes called a fuse board, is the heart of the electrics in your home. It controls everything within your home with just a few buttons. It is important you know a little bit about your unit, so you know what to do in case of an emergency, or if you spot a fault. Keep reading to find out more. We have explained all of the common components to your consumer unit, and what their role is.

consumer unit

Components in your consumer unit

  • Mains switch

Your mains switch controls the power supply in your home. It can be switched on or off when necessary. When the mains switch is off, your consumer unit is off.

  • RCDs

Residual current devices (RCDs) turn the power off in your home immediately, when they find a fault. They are potentially life-saving, as they prevent you from touching any live wires and receiving an electric shock. They constantly monitor the power in your home, checking for any faults. It is now the law for all consumer units to have RCDs fitted, as they are so beneficial.

  • Circuit breakers

Your home will have different circuits, each controlled by a circuit breaker. They turn off the electricity in your home automatically, when they detect an overcurrent fault. Similarly to RCDs, this is to prevent you from receiving an electric shock of any kind. When a circuit breaker trips, it is advised to always seek out an electrician to find out what caused it.

  • Bus bar

The bus bar in your consumer unit is usually hidden away, so it is not likely that you will ever actually see it. The main purpose of the bus bar is to hold all of your components securely within the unit. It is a long strip of copper than has teeth, which lock everything into place. The bus bar is usually only seen by electricians when they come to work on the electrics in your home.

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